Harihar Mohan

By: Irene Park

Why does one participate in science outreach? For Microbiology and Immunology master’s student Harihar Mohan, science outreach represents many ideas, including an introduction to scientific careers for young students. Harihar himself decided to pursue a scientific career after he attended an outreach session as a high school student.

“I would say that [the outreach] among others laid the foundation for my scientific career. I want to be able to do the same for a young and passionate scientist and feel that MI DNA Day is the perfect platform.”

Now, Harihar enjoys not just educating the students about science, but also sharing his experiences as a scientist. He remembers that during one of his outreach activities, he told the students that the most important aspect of research was “to know when to call it a day.”

Harihar adds that he is happy to see diversity among the MI DNA Day volunteers since science is becoming more multinational and multicultural. In a similar vein, Harihar says the current political climate makes science outreach a necessity because it provides an opportunity for scientists to interact with the taxpayers and discuss how important scientific research is for the society.

“…I feel that through increased outreach, the public knows what their tax is spent on and can vouch for the necessity of science for the progression of society.”

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