For Teachers

Bring Working Scientists into Your Classroom

Ambassadors will:

  • Teach a highly interactive module based on current concepts and techniques in a STEM field (read about the modules)
  • Discuss his/her scientific path and current research with students
  • Expand on the many different and exciting careers available to students in science and biotechnology
  • Advertise opportunities for high school students to get involved in science

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Hosting an Ambassador

Each module is designed for a 60-90 minute class, and may be taught by 1 or 2 visiting scientists. Ambassadors can teach a single module to 1-4 classes in a visit. Ideally, class sizes are under 30 students to promote discussion and interactions with the visiting scientist(s).

As a hosting teacher:

  • You coordinate with your ambassador to schedule a day to visit on or around April 25th (International DNA Day)
  • You must be present in the classroom during the module presentations
  • You should provide logistical information to your ambassador
    • When to arrive, where to park, what to bring (e.g. photo ID, laptop vs. flash drive, HDMI adapter)
    • Provide other information relevant to your specific school or classroom (e.g. class duration, number of students, specific dress codes, and any student disabilities that our ambassadors may accommodate)
  • Let your ambassador know about any background information your students may already have in the topic of your module (e.g. DNA replication, cell biology)

Questions? Send us an email.

Middle school and other educators

Our modules are currently designed for students at the high school level. Depending on the interest and availability of our ambassadors, we may be able to accommodate an advanced middle school classroom and/or student science clubs. Please contact us directly if this applies to you.