Sponsor Us

The success and impact of Michigan DNA Day depends on the generosity of our sponsors.  These donations allow us to purchase the supplies for the activities conducted during classroom visits and fund scientist ambassador travel to high schools. Many thanks to them for their vision and their support for the students and teachers across the state of Michigan!


Donations to MI DNA Day can be made through the UM Leaders and Best Online Giving Fund. Search for our fund at MI DNA Day Gift Fund – 333063 or find the fund here!

Thank you to our sponsors:

University of Michigan Department of Human Genetics

University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach Project Inspire Grant

University of Michigan Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach

Thermo-Fisher Scientific

Rogel Cancer Center

National Science Foundation

Giving Blueday Sponsors– Jeffery R. Holden, David Ginsburg, Monica L. Marvin, Diane M. Robins, Margit Burmeister, David T. Burke, Beverly M. Yashar, Guy M. Lenk, Karen M. Sturtz, Christina N. Vallianatos, Veronica A. Perea, Peter Gergics, Virginia Pesch, Shigeki Iwase, Ryan E. Mills, Devika Bagchi, Yifan Wang, Sierra Nishizaki, Arushi Varshney, Barbara S. Nelson, Weichen Zhou, Xiaoyan Jia, Bailey C. Peck, Christen Barua, Callie M. Swanepoel, Rebecca Kroll, Dayna Bedford