Giving Blueday 2018

During the 2018 Giving Blueday campaign 27 supporters donated $1,045 to help us reach more high school classrooms during DNA Day 2019! We are fortunate to have so many people that support us both financially and through volunteer hours. We’d especially like to thank our Giving Blueday donors:

  • Jeffery R. Holden
  • David Ginsburg
  • Monica L. Marvin
  • Diane M. Robins
  • Margit Burmeister
  • David T. Burke
  • Beverly M. Yashar
  • Guy M. Lenk
  • Karen M. Sturtz
  • Christina N. Vallianatos
  • Veronica A. Perea
  • Peter Gergics
  • Virginia Pesch
  • Shigeki Iwase
  • Ryan E. Mills
  • Devika Bagchi
  • Yifan Wang
  • Sierra Nishizaki
  • Arushi Varshney
  • Barbara S. Nelson
  • Weichen Zhou
  • Xiaoyan Jia
  • Bailey C. Peck
  • Christen Barua
  • Callie M. Swanepoel
  • Rebecca Kroll
  • Dayna Bedford

If you would still like to donate money to help cover the cost of the activities that scientists lead during our visits, you can donate through the UM Leaders and Best Online Giving Fund. Search for our fund at MI DNA Day Gift Fund – 333063 or find the fund here!



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